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The public welfare activity themed “Let love come, let hinder Go” was successfully held online

The public welfare activity themed “Let love come and let hinder Go” sponsored by One Foundation was successfully held online.

Leaders and elites from all walks of life gathered together to practice the mission of public welfare and convey the voice of charity. Yan Chuang Culture brought its IP “LUCKY EMMA” to the event, aiming to let more people understand the difficulties of autism groups and families, and send them warm company and blessings in the cold winter.
In the future, the two parties will integrate their own resources to carry out a number of blue public welfare activities such as public welfare flash mob and LUCKY EMMA fans’ public welfare online exchange, and continue to call on fans to do public welfare together, gather love to speak for autistic groups, help them get social care and recognition, and give autism awareness and families courage and strength to face the future!

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