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Blind box economy continues to rise in 2023

Since its rise offline in early 2018, China’s blind box economy has quickly won widespread popularity in the retail industry and become a new consumer force. According to a recent study, people born after 1995 have become the most important consumers of blind boxes, accounting for nearly 40 percent. It is expected that by 2024, the market size of the blind box industry will double, reaching 30 billion yuan. In 2023, China’s animation product economy is expected to occupy 23.03% of the global market. The new generation of consumers (Gen Z) is a unique consumer group in the Chinese market, with a culture and self-identity that previous generations did not have. Blind box marketing is a popular strategy used by retailers to sell unlabeled products, with each blind box containing a unique product. This sense of mystery has attracted more and more young consumers, who are keen to buy blind boxes and share the surprises in them.

The development trend of blind box economy:

Blind box economy continues to rise in 2023 4

China’s blind box economy has shown a trend of continuous growth and has become the focus of many brands. Among them, the LuckyEmma brand is in a leading position in the blind box market and has become a trendsetter. LuckyEmma meets young consumers’ demand for unique, mysterious and limited products by launching a variety of innovative blind box products. The brand’s blind box series products have been warmly welcomed by consumers, and its sales performance has continued to grow.

Success stories of Pop Mart:

As the leading brand in China’s blind box market, Pop Mart has achieved great success in the past few years. The company listed on the Hong Kong stock Exchange last year and quickly became a sensation in the Chinese market by launching blind boxes containing unknown collectible action figures. The successful experience of Pop Mart is a good reference for other brands. By leveraging social media platforms and e-commerce channels, brands can use the blind box concept to attract consumers’ attention and enhance brand awareness and sales performance.

Blind box economy continues to rise in 2023 5

Opportunities from the blind box economy:

The blind box economy provides a unique marketing opportunity for brands to create an anticipated and surprising consumer experience through blind box products. On social media, consumers are keen to share their excitement and surprise at finding rare items in blind boxes, which provides strong support for brand promotion and word-of-mouth marketing. In addition, the blind box economy has also attracted the attention of highly educated, white-collar, young consumers, who have become the main consumer group of the blind box market. For the LuckyEmma brand, seizing the opportunities of the blind box economy and meeting the needs of young consumers will be key to achieving brand growth and success.


In 2023, China’s blind box economy will continue to flourish, and LuckyEmma as a leading brand will continue to lead the market trend. By constantly innovating and meeting the needs of young consumers, LuckyEmma will continue to succeed in the blind box market. With the continuous growth of China’s consumer market and the rise of young consumer groups, the blind box economy will continue to become the focus of brand attention and investment. As part of the LuckyEmma brand, we look forward to achieving even more in this market full of opportunities and challenges.”

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