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Lucky Emma Brand Goes Overseas to ABCMOM 7th Asia (Indonesia) Maternity and Baby Toy Expo

The 7th Asia (Indonesia) Maternity and Baby Toy Expo was grandly opened at the Jakarta International Exhibition Center from June 4th to June 7th, 2024.

Among the many exhibitors, Lucky Emma brand attracted the attention and love of many audiences with its unique design concepts and high-quality product quality. Lucky Emma has always adhered to innovation, constantly launching new products that meet market demand and consumer preferences.

By participating in the ABCMOM 7th Asia (Indonesia) Maternity and Baby Toy Expo, the Lucky Emma brand aims to further expand its overseas market and enhance brand awareness and influence. During the exhibition, Lucky Emma showcased its latest blind box trendy toy series, which was deeply loved and praised by the on-site audience.

Through this overseas exhibition, Lucky Emma not only successfully demonstrated its brand image and product strength but also established good cooperation relationships and communication platforms with many international counterparts. In the future, Lucky Emma will continue to adhere to the concept of innovation, quality, and service, continuously launch more high-quality products, and bring better user experiences to consumers worldwide.

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